Relationship Therapy

I bring many tools into couples therapy that assist in creating safe and healthy communication. I work with a combination of "Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy," "The Gottman Method," and my own model, "Soul Unity Therapy," in my work with couples. I have found that weaving these together provides a comprehensive toolbox to address the needs of almost every relationship, bringing you back together in harmony.

Before your appointment, I recommend reading the book, "Hold me Tight," by Sue Johnson, if there is a waiting period before I can see you.  This book is so excellent, I have had clients tell me that it was all they needed, and were able to move forward without continuing therapy. My emphasis is on creating a safe environment for modeling and practicing, in real time, a new way of being with one another though communicating and treating one another with authentic respect, kindness, and acceptance. This is so that between sessions there is a model for communicating that can be practiced, that fosters safety in communicating those vulnerable inner feelings and desires.

Any materials by The Gottman Institute are also recommended (John Gottman). The materials that you feel personally drawn to are excellent tools, and his research is woven into the work we will be doing. "The 5 Love Languages," by Gary Chapman also is extremely helpful. This is another one that clients have found to be all they needed to move past the particular issues they were stuggling with. I weave this material in the work we do in sessions.

Programs that we carry from childhood and life can cause relational misunderstandings, dramas, and extreme separation. Soul Unity Processing Method (with EMDR) can be used in the session with both present or as an added individual session to enhance the effectiveness of bringing in soul resonance. Please feel free to ask me about this, when we connect.