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Sophia Circle Journeys®

I have been certified to facilitate this life changing 13-circles journey though The Sophia Code®, a living transmission and sacred text that will activate your Higher Self embodiment. The Sophia Code® is a modern Mystery School blueprint for accepting your sovereign divinity through the heart of divine feminine consciousness. When you decide to work with The Sophia Code®, you begin a powerful mentorship journey with Divine Feminine Ascended Masters. Each of these Keycode mentors have walked the same heroic journey that you are on now. Their mentorship reveals how possible it is to live in your highest divine potential every day. This mentorship reveals how you can access that “still small voice” within, that leads to your greatest wisdom and every answer you will ever need.

I am honored to have the privilege of walking beside others into the powerful experience of this life changing codex. This is a journey to your own self-empowerment and connection with your higher self.

Each circle is a sacred ceremony consisting of:The Oracular Art of Divine Knowing

  • Creation of safe space and healthy boundaries for maximum growth.
  • Invocation of each divine feminine keycode mentor.
  • A prayer with Quan Yin for a water blessing.
  • The speaking of our names into sacred circle,
  • A quiet personal meditation creating intentions for the healing and blessings to take place within the circle.
  • Reading of, reflecting and journaling on, and sharing about all 13 chapters of The Sophia Code® (1 chapter per circle).
  • An opportunity for questions.
  • A closing ceremony shared by all initiates within the circle.

For more information and to schedule a call to assess if this experience is a good fit for you, please call or email me. Thank you.

Undefended Divine Love

Testimonials from my most recent Circle:

"I recently finished completing the Sophia Circle facilitated by Janice LaFountaine. I knew this would be a profound experience. What I enjoyed most about the Sophia Circles was the coming together and the integration process of the initiations that I experienced during each circle. I found Janice to be a wonderful Sophia Circle leader. She has a warm, caring, and nurturing nature. She created a safe, secure environment, and really encouraged us to explore and grow within our own divinity, while working with the Sophia Dragon Tribe! I highly recommend participating in a Sophia Circle led by Janice LaFountaine."


"I have been blessed with knowing Janice for the past several years. About two years ago she turned me onto the Sophia Code and felt that I would enjoy the book.....and so I did.

Where we began:

    A rose bud sits tightly furled at the end of a hearty green stem...

Actually to be honest, I listened to the book in a quiet meditative space without distractions. I was hooked fairly quickly and could sense/feel the transmissions coming (in) to me. I would not have expected the growth and expansion that I did, it was quite remarkable and what came forth was not expected.

The in between:

   The rose bud begins to unfurl blossoming into this beautiful white rose...

      And seeming to double in size in what felt like overnight.

Janice then invited to participate in the Sophia Circle she was leading. I was super excited to join and thankful to be invited. This time I read the book, much of it aloud and took notes both in the book's margins and in my special Sophia journal. The initiations were all done in ritual, sacred/ceremonial space, and read aloud. My 'studies', experiences, and growth were only enhanced and intensified by our gatherings lead by Janice. She was awesome! She created a beautiful space for us to gather and held that space for all of us. She gently guided and encouraged our growth, for me it was just a little supportive nudge to push me further. Janice has a great way of creating a safe and nurturing space that fosters one's growth. We also were blessed to have members who were dedicated to the process and experience as well. The overall combined experience was profound to say the least. - it was phenomenal. I experienced quantum growth and expansion far beyond anything I could have ever imagined, intensely powerful and deeply healing. Even though we are out several weeks from our last gathering my growth and expansion continue.   

Where we are today:

   The rose's petals continue to unfurl, the rose expanding in radiance and beauty,

      It's sweet fragrance permeating the air both far and wide...

        It's size seeming almost infinite.

In addition to my own experience I have had the joy and pleasure to watch Janice's journey unfold as well; her journey is truly heart warming to me. I was blessed to be able to watch her joy and enthusiasm about the Sophia Code. Her dedication to the process is impressive to say the least, it brings a smile to my face....truly it does.

I am eternally grateful for Janice, 

And grateful for her introducing me to Sophia, the ascended masters and the dragon tribe as whole.

I have been truly blessed. 

Blessed be to one and all.

With love and light,"