Soul Unity Therapy

The goal of this "Soul Unity" blueprint is conscious flow. This therapeutic model leads to balance, peace, active mindfulness, and a coherence of unity within yourself and your reality. It is a systematic approach that works with the most effective interventions that I have gathered over the last many years as a therapist and my enthusiastic studies in the realm of meditation, mindfulness, spiritual practices, and enlightenment. These tools create a blueprint for living in the flow of intentional consciousness. As a part of "emotion integration" I use EMDR therapy with an expanded method that applies to disruptive programming that is causing obstacles and barriers to living in harmonious flow, free from recreating experiences that cause symptoms of depression, anxiety, and multiple other undesirable experiences. 

Active Consciousness

  • Awakening: seeking out knowledge and tools that create an awareness of true self
  • Active mindfulness: bringing active consciousness into daily life
  • Understanding how to connect to your highest aspect vs. operating from the ego-structure as the primary influence on conscious choices and actions
  • Moving out of reacting and operating in auto-pilot and instead to responding from a place of conscious awareness

Emotion Integration

  • Soul Unity EMDR for trauma and reprograming
  • Emotion integration method: awareness/acknowledgement, gratitude, release, harmonize
  • Releasing energetic chords and disharmonious energy and influence

Active Creation and Resonance

  • Designing self-care for coherence in energy fields and to harmonize body during and after emotion/trauma work
  • Active “creation of desires”
  • Deeper energy resonance work (self-care outside of therapy)  

Flow/ Soul Unity

  • Being in flow: embody new insights and awakenings
  • Taking responsibility for your creations: adjusting where desired and revisiting, and demanifesting where not in harmony
  • Allowing, surrendering to, and trusting the guidance from you highest aspects

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