The following reviews were graciously provided by clients sharing their experience:

“It took a while for me to get the courage to seek help from a therapist.  After my very first appointment with Janice, I felt accepted, and that there was hope on the horizon for me.  I have not been disappointed- Janice has been a God send for me.

"I suffered from an intense case of PTSD.  I had sought other means of relief from my symptoms, but nothing I tried worked... Until I worked with Janice.  Before working with Janice, I felt completely hopeless that anything, or anyone could help with such a severe case of PTSD".

"With some of my symptoms, severe insomnia for example, she suggested that I seek assistance from other professionals, which I did.  She didn't cease with aide until the problem was resolved.  I am so grateful for Janice's "never give up" attitude!

"On a personal level, I would say that Janice is one of the most compassionate, encouraging, and caring people I have ever had the privilege of meeting.  On a professional level, I would say that "the proof is in the eating of the pudding".  I am a new man, with new hope, and a renewed life!” Blessedman

“Janice LaFountaine is a counselor I highly recommend. She is knowledgeable, professional, very supportive, and trustworthy. Janice has helped me understand myself at a level I have not experienced with another counselor. She has effectively guided me out of depression and anger. The many tools she has given me are benefiting my personal and professional life.”  JOAN D.

“Janice is a very mellow, easy-going, low-key, compassionate person and therapist who genuinely cares about her clients.  I have been going to Janice for almost two years now and have suffered from delayed PTSD due to childhood abuse, developed severe depression as a result of my life circumstances, and am currently in a relationship with someone who has the most severe personality disorder for therapists and people alike to deal with, borderline personality disorder.  She has used a combination of interventions (I know this because I am in school to become a therapist myself) to help me deal with my interpersonal relationship issues, frustration intolerance, depression, and PTSD.  She has seen me through the worst of my issues, worked with both my partner and I when needed, educated me on coping skills etc when I lacked the know-how, listened to feedback, made adjustments to my therapy because of that feedback, and as a result I have reached most of my therapeutic goals.  I have referred many friends and couples to her, all of whom rave about her.  She was instrumental in saving my friend's marriage and they even referred her to a couple they know.  She is knowledgeable and kind and definitely worth making an appointment to see.”  emrgncymedtek1214

By grateful1, July 2015
“Janice has been an important part of my healing. I am so very grateful to have had the opportunity to have Janice work cooperatively with me. She has given me many tools to help me cope with my struggles in life. My wife has seen many positive changes in me as I have continued to work with Janice. My extended family has seen the changes in me as well, so I guess you could say that there is a small village of people grateful for Janice! I have done a lot of EMDR work with Janice- she is very proficient in this type of therapy. I was skeptical of this therapy initially, but I had formed a trust in Janice's professional abilities, so I followed her suggestions, and have made tremendous positive gains because of her. So as I am on the tail-end of my therapy, I am shocked at how successful therapy with Janice was! She basically worked herself out of a job, which is the best sign of a therapist, in my opinion.”

By smeens09, July 2015
“We went to Janice to help my husband and I with some communication issues among other issues we were having in our marriage. We have been together for over 15yrs she was amazing had several techniques to use with us! We always walked out of our sessions feeling great. Since seeing Janice I have referred several people to her and all of them have nothing but positive feedback on her. I highly recommend Janice to everyone we know and would not hesitate should a issue arise going back to her in a heart beat.”

“I have been seeing Janice now for 3 years and she is amazing! 3 years ago when I came to Janice I was basically lost I had no direction and I couldn't even finish school so I could get my career started. I didn't know what to do. After several visits with Janice we made a plan and she got me back on the right track!! I was able to finish beauty school and become a hairstylist and I am now very successful! I rent my own station and I am able to have the life I always wanted but never thought I had the strength to get. If you are are struggling with anything I will highly suggest that you go and see Janice!” J. L.

“Janice is a breath of fresh air. From the moment of discovering her practice to today she has been nothing but professional, in-touch and inspiring to work with. Janice proves that caring at a human level is possible in treatment. I would faithfully recommend her to anyone facing struggle in their life.” S. E.

“Janice is very easy to talk to. Someone that takes the time to understand you and the situation. I highly recommend her to anyone that needs talk therapy, or EMDR therapy. I have done both and have had a lot of progress working with her.” S. C.

“Janice is incredible. She is helpful, kind and you can tell she really cares and is good at what she does. I've been seeing her for years and think very highly of her practice.” C. C.

“I can't say enough about how much this lovely woman has helped me. Janice provides a welcoming, nonjudgmental, safe, compassionate environment for those she supports. This is especially important for me as a I suffer from trauma, anxiety, and depression. I am also a lesbian so being able to have someone to talk to who takes all of that into consideration is something that I cherish. Janice delivers the perfect balance of sensitivity and delicate criticism which I feel like is a skill you cannot teach she just has the right stuff. I've been seeing Janice consistently for almost two years and she has helped me process profound grief, breakups, domestic violence, loss and throughout she helps me develop the confidence to feel like I can be defined by something positive for once in my life. Janice practices EMDR therapy which I feel has been the key to several breakthroughs in our journey together. She is one of a kind and I have the utmost respect and trust in her. She is a true champion in my life!” S.T.

“From my experience she is an excellent listener and is very quick and helpful to responding to situations or ways that I feel at the time. I find her sessions very enlightening and empowering, and I use her recommendations as tools in my daily life and have found them to be helpful and uplifting. Overall I would highly recommend her to anyone !” S. H.

“I have been to several therapists over the years, and Janice is the only one I've ever 'clicked' with/felt like really made a difference in my life. Whether you're suffering from PTSD or just need to work through things, I would recommend (and have recommended) her above anyone.” C. D.

“Competent, wonderful and kind individual with a fierce commitment to her profession.” A. B.

“I've been going to Janice for well over 3 1/2 years and absolutely recommend her for anyone who has been diagnosed with PTSD. She has worked miracles for me and if it wasn't for her. I don't know where I'd be !!” R. C.