Soul Unity is the principle applied to evidence-based practices used, uniting with the inner connection to create trust from within one's own locus of control. This allows trust in inner guidance and intuitive wisdom, leading to balance, peace, active mindfulness, and coherence within self and reality. It is a systematic approach that utilizes the most effective interventions gathered over many years as a therapist and through studies of meditation and mindfulness. These tools create a blueprint for living with intentional consciousness.

Active Consciousness

  • Seek out knowledge and tools that create an awareness of the authentic self
  • Incorporate active consciousness into daily life through practices such as meditation, which cultivates inner observation and awareness
  • Understanding ego structure influences on conscious choices and actions
  • Moving out of reacting and operating in auto-pilot

Emotion Integration

  • Use specific tools to clear and resolve past trauma from various sources, including childhood experiences, relationship violence, mind-control or manipulation, natural disasters, military-related experiences, and religious control
  • Use evidence-based techniques to help individuals process and integrate their emotions related to past trauma
  • Build awareness and acknowledgement of emotions, practicing gratitude, releasing negative emotions, and harmonizing the mind and body. These techniques are supported by research and are widely used in the field of trauma therapy


  • Design unique self-care goals outside therapy to support nervous system, physical body, and energy during and after emotion/trauma work. Examples: yoga, acupuncture, massage
  • Actively work towards achieving goals, plans, dreams, ambitions, and desires by  intentionally shaping reality and transcending limiting patterns
  • Nourish and nurture self

Flow/ Soul Unity

  • Being in flow within all the areas worked on through therapy: embody new insights and awakenings
  • Taking responsibility for creations in reality: adjusting where desired and revisiting where stuck
  • Allowing, surrendering into, and trusting in inner wisdom and intuition wto develop innate knowledge and understanding which can guide towards greater self-awareness and personal growth. 
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